Temple of Satan: Disciples of the Devil
Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples is available here. Read an excerpt here.


The Temple of Satan

The Temple of Satan is the leader of a network of temples dedicated to doing the Devil’s work. This means worshipping Satan at real temples, opposing Judeo-Christian civilization, establishing a Satanic Imperium and practicing Satanic black magick in our Black Houses, Lodges and Schools for Devil Worshippers. The Temple is also a physical structure, where the Gatekeepers communicate with Lord Satan from the Inner Sanctum.

The Satanic Templars

The Temple is run by an initiatory Order of diabolists called the Satanic Templars. The Order has a ranked system of initiation and study that will take the Initiate through Nine Gates of trials to awaken their diabolical nature and bring them face to face with our Lord: Satan, Shaytan, the Devil, Diabolus.

The Antichrist

Templars await the arrival of our dark Messiah, the Son of Satan and Satanic Superman better known as the Antichrist. We believe that the Antichrist will herald the dawn of the Satanic Age and the end of Yahweh’s reign upon this earth. Our Templars seek to breed the Antichrist via an occult methodology, and are searching the globe for anyone who bears the marks of the Beast.

More Information

More information about joining the Temple of Satan is available in our first book, Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples (read excerpts here, here and here). You must be at least 18 years old to contact the Temple.