The Many Masks of the Devil

“There is but one Black Master though men calle hym Sathanas & Beelzebub & Apolleon & Ahriman & Malik Tous… Ye abysse yawns & ye debt is to paye. Ye light fayles, ye shadows gather. There is no god but evil; no lite but darkness; no hope but doom—” —Robert E. Howard, Dig Me No Grave

Our religion is monodiabolism: we believe in one god of evil and the dark forces, who is the Lord of this world. This god has gone by many names down through man’s history in different lands: Set, Typhon, Baal, Ahriman, Satan, Lucifer, Kali, Cernunnos, Chernobog, Supay, Tezcatlipoca, etc. – but all of these are just deific masks of the one Dark Lord, whom we call Diabolus – the Devil.

One of our tasks as a Temple is to reclaim these many diabolic masks and memes from those who have appropriated them for their own misguided agendas. We shall bring them together under one banner for the purpose of propagating a true Satanic religion, and furthering our goal of seeing devil worshipers grow stronger and closer to our Dark Lord. We begin with the name Satan, since that is the name most people in our culture best know and fear him as, but we do not stop there! We also claim Set (, Kali (, Wutong (, Devil’s Temple (, and Temple of Lucifer (, just to name a few. We seize these domains as Temple of Satan properties, to prevent them from being misused by heretics and charlatans, and to use them to promote our message of universal monodiabolism.

We are living in a unique era, in which global technology and cultural awareness has made possible the uniting of the many masks of the Devil into one diabolical body, under one Temple, one ideology and one inspired leadership. While it is a difficult task to unify the disparate and fractious parties who ally themselves with the Devil, we believe that the Dark Lord has called upon us to do so, and Satan willing, it shall be done!