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The Heresy of “Modern Satanism”

The notion of Satanism as an organized religion only entered the public mind with the antics of Anton Szandor Lavey and his “Church of Satan” in the 1960s. Fittingly for his background as a circus performer and amateur psychologist, Lavey turned Satanism into a media circus, where ritual and black magick was nothing more than […]

The Many Masks of the Devil

“There is but one Black Master though men calle hym Sathanas & Beelzebub & Apolleon & Ahriman & Malik Tous… Ye abysse yawns & ye debt is to paye. Ye light fayles, ye shadows gather. There is no god but evil; no lite but darkness; no hope but doom—” —Robert E. Howard, Dig Me No Grave […]

The Book of Asmodeus

  I am, who I am, Asmodeus KHAN, aka the “Great King of the Nine Hells” or the “Dark Prince of Lust,”: Thou have chosen me, speak atlas-the Grand-Emperor of Hell & Yahweh of the Heavens, pails ail me to lead mankind to the INFERNICON! Go forth, O Asmodeus, Prophet of Victory & Potency; Command […]

Sir Baphomet

“I am Sir Baphomet” I would like to say that I first came across Lord Hellstrom “the Black Sun Master”, through another friend and was attracted to his personal power and intellect, which is evident in his writings and sermons that can be found at the website known as Order of the Black Sun. He […]