Trial #1: Questionnaire

To join our Order of Satanic Templars, all Applicants must first submit the questionnaire below. This will give us a better idea of your motives, resources and personality to ensure that you are suitable for admission into the ranks of the Devil’s apostles. Rest assured that your information will be kept strictly confidential by the Gatekeepers. Note that this questionnaire may be submitted or printed out at

Templar Applicant Questionnaire

What name do you wish to be called within the Order? ____________________

Are you at least 18 years old? Yes No

What are your sources of income? (circle all that apply) Investments | Inheritance | Wage Labor | Salaried Labor | Loans | None

What is your sexual orientation? Hetero Homo Bi

What is your gender? Male Female

Are you willing to make a pact with the Devil? Yes No

Which of the following do you have the resources to establish (circle all that apply)? Coven | Black House | Black Lodge | Black School

Tell us about the resources you have for the above (e.g. apartments, houses, buildings, properties, personal connections, etc.).

What are you seeking from the Temple of Satan? Why do you wish to become a Templar?

Tell us about some of your strongest skills and areas of interest. Which Satanic Specialization interests you the most?

You may provide any additional information about yourself below.

Sign the questionnaire with your personal signature/sigil and send it to us as previously instructed. The Gatekeepers will review it, and if they are satisfied they will instruct you to the second Trial of your Nine Gates initiation.