The Satanic Chapel

The centerpiece of every Black House is the Satanic chapel—the dedicated space where the rites and services of Devil-worship are conducted. These rites include the signing of diabolical pacts, performance of black masses, giving of sermons, invocation of demons and other black magickal workings.

The chapel may be housed in a room or part of a room, in a basement or cellar, or in a separate building such as a garage or shed. The space should be large enough to accomodate all members of the Black House, with enough room for dancing, revelry and group rituals. Accoutrements for your chapel should be made in-House whenever possible for maximum magickal power. Some items, such as black candles, may be acquired directly from the Temple of Satan shop; others may be acquired from occult and religious supply shops.

The photographs below were taken in the chapel of a flagship Black House in our Satanic Society. The candles shown are all made in-house. The keeper of the House has a powerful bond with Baphomet, whose spirit is presenced via the idol on the altar. This is just one example of a Satanic chapel; every chapel will be unique, reflecting the unique diabolical inspiration and understanding of each Housekeeper. The main point is to make the chapel a nexus of Satanic power, using whatever style, décor and acoutrements one requires.

The Gatekeepers’ private chapel in their Black House. Watch a video of the Chapel here.
A chapel in a Black House dedicated to Baphomet.
Close-up of the altar showing the idol, book and signed blood-pact with Baphomet.
Black candles and other chapel supplies.