The Antichrist

A vision of Ariels, the Antichrist.

The Antichrist

The Temple of Satan’s main project in the present age is to ready the world for the coming of the Devil’s Messiah: the Antichrist, Son of Satan. The Temple is currently in Year Three of our Lord’s order to build his religion, his armies, his political operations and his demonic forces in preparation for the reign of his son, who shall be called Ariels.

This Satanic Superman will be so exceptional that there will be no question that He must rule absolutely. He will be called the Antichrist by the monotheists because his extraordinary abilities and anti-Christian values will seem demonic to their unawakened minds. His rise will undoubtedly be accompanied by great wars and strife, because it will spell the end for the old order and the inception of the Satanic Aeon. By His power and His very being, the Antichrist will embody our highest aspirations and set new standards for mankind. Finally, we will be led not by the least among us, but the greatest!

From the Inner Sanctum of their Temple, the Gatekeepers have initiated a program to birth the Antichrist via a Temple faction called the Progenitors. Templars will also scour the earth for those who bear the marks of the Beast that indicate potential Antichristhood. The Gatekeepers feel that the age of the Antichrist is drawing close, but they are working with diabolical energy to hasten His arrival.

Let the world know today that we are living at the dawn of a new era. Know that a real Temple of Satan has emerged out of the ashes and slabs of black stone, from which a mighty Satanic Imperium will unfold and ready the world for the reign of the Antichrist, Ariels. This is our single-minded purpose for existence – so let it be written; so let it be known; so let it be done.

Diabolus vult! (the Devil wills it!)

~The Gatekeepers