The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers
The Gatekeepers of the Temple, Nhoj and NaRgol.

The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers are two dark heralds who are on an inspired mission to establish the religion of Lord Satan and lay the foundation for the Satanic Imperium in their lifetimes. Also known as the Dark Lords, they declared 2011 Year One of their Dark Imperium. They built the first temple of its kind on this planet, which they call the Black Temple, and began conducting rituals there to invoke the dark forces.

In Imperial Year 5 (2015), something very powerful happened: a diabolical spirit entered into the Gatekeepers via their Temple, which they have identified as the Vi Diaboli (“Devil Force”) – the unholy spirit of the being called Satan, Diabolus and the Devil. They also had an encounter with a Satanic beast in the forest near their Temple (video available to Temple Initiates), which inspired them to build a new world of evil.

The Gatekeepers have received many revelations from Lord Satan. He commanded them to bring their Black Temple and their Empire in line with his infernal will, and build an Inner Sanctum which will be the earthly nexus of his unholy spirit. They also received a vision of a Nine Gates program of initiation for those who wish to follow their path into the gates of Hell and kneel at the throne of Satan himself. And by Satan’s will, they acquired the domain and are now building the site you are looking at, by which they will reclaim the religion of Satanism from the heretical atheistic pseudo-Satanists who use our Lord’s name but don’t believe in Him.

So, the age of the Temple of Satan has dawned upon this black earth, and our disciples now work to hasten the arrival of our Messiah, who has been called the Antichristad-Dajjal, and in our visions shall be named Ariels. Understand that only the Gatekeepers possess the keys that will open the Nine Gates to the power and glory of Lord Satan.  If you wish to be among the chosen few who become Satan’s apostles in the present age, you will need to acquire these keys and master the Gatekeepers’ diabolical ways. Join us, or die!

Ave Ianitores!
Ave Diabolicus Ordo Seclorum!
Ave Satanas!

~The GateKeepers