A Meeting of the Blackstone Lodge

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A Meeting of the Blackstone Lodge

The Blackstone Lodge was located on a wooded estate at the end of a private road in the English countryside. The entrance to the road was blocked by a heavy chain link gate and monitored by security cameras mounted discreetly in the trees. The road ended at a similar gate, set into a high wall that completely encircled the Lodge complex. There were only three other homes within a mile of the estate, all owned by fellow Lodge members. No one could approach the Lodge without alerting the Lodge Grand Master to their presence.

The black Mercedes SUV slowed as it approached the inner gate. Two huge Rottweilers with thick spiked collars looked expectantly through the fence, knowing that their master was home. Lord Blackstone pressed a button on the dashboard and the gate swung open. The dogs bolted toward the vehicle, escorting it down the driveway as they had been trained to do. The vehicle stopped in front of the stately black English country manor house, while the dogs took up sentry positions on either side. Lord Blackstone stepped out of the Mercedes, patted the nearest dog on the head and murmured “hello Lucius.”

John Blackstone was a tall, imposing man, dressed in the refined, gothic style of an aristocrat of a bygone age. In the city, he was considered rather eccentric for his old-fashioned style of dress, but he rarely went there these days. As a baron of the British peerage, who also had what was known by the vulgar as “fuck you money”, Blackstone didn’t much care what the mundane folk thought of him, even those of his peers. Perhaps his particular passions had finally gotten the better of his judgement, and he had become too flamboyant for his own good. Maybe he was drawing too much attention to his diabolical nature, which he scarcely tried to disguise any more. But Blackstone thought not. He believed that the age had changed enough that even his brand of aristocratic diabolism was no longer taboo – that indeed the world was on the verge of a great transformation, which would make his kind the new role models for mankind and lords of the earth.

Blackstone walked up the steps toward the house, wielding his black dragon-headed cane more like a weapon than a crutch. The front door swung open and out stepped Blackstone’s manservant Genna, a massive, shaven-headed Slav who dressed in a black suit and looked like he could tear a person’s limbs from their sockets with his bare hands and enjoy it. “Hello my lord” Genna said to his master. “Hello Genna” Blackstone replied, tipping his bowler hat as he walked through the door.

Inside, Blackstone told Genna he was expecting eight guests at around ten, another at midnight. They would be in the Lodge conference room until morning, and weren’t to be disturbed. He instructed Genna to make sure the Lodge was well stocked with food and drink for the evening. He explained that he had just arranged for two local Lodge members to be on guard duty at the inner and outer gates at nine and reminded him to observe high security protocols for the duration of the evening. Then Blackstone helped himself to some cold cuts from the refrigerator, sent off a text message to “Lily” reminding her to be at the outer gate at midnight, and retired to his bedroom for a short nap.

By 10:30 p.m. the eight guests had arrived and filed into the Black Lodge conference room. The Lodge was located in the basement of the house, accessible through a concealed door in the library. The Lodge had two main chambers, a conference room and a temple, as well as a small adjoining garage where a vehicle could covertly enter or exit the Lodge via a concealed tunnel. The conference room doubled as a “Black School” – a place where Lodge members gave lectures and demonstrations to Templars in various black arts and sciences. The main feature of the conference room was the conference table: pitch black, circular, with a white nine-pointed symbol painted on its surface called a nonagram. Above the table on one wall hung a large projection screen, on which a map of the British Isles with an overlain trident symbol was displayed.

The eight guests and Blackstone sat around the table in the conference room, sipping from glasses of water and sizing each other up. There were seven men and one woman, all dressed, like Blackstone, in darkly elegant style. The woman looked especially striking, with short raven hair, dark makeup on her lips, black fingernails, porcelain skin and a beautiful black lambskin coat which she refused to take off despite the rather balmy temperature of the Lodge. The men ranged in appearance from a clean-cut, sandy-haired fellow who looked like the driven young City of London executive that he was, to a burly man of about forty with long black hair, tattooed hands and an expensive suit, to a distinguished elderly blue-eyed gentleman who wore a black fedora, a thick grey mustache and had a most unsettling and hypnotic gaze. All where light-complected save one brown-skinned, dark-eyed man of middle age and indeterminate ethnicity. Arab? Latin? Indian? It was difficult to tell, but certainly one could sense an intense sinister energy radiating from him, as with the others.

These nine men and women were the inner circle of the Blackstone Lodge: the Grand Lodge of the Temple of Satan for the entire United Kingdom. The Blackstone Lodge was the most important Lodge in the entire Satanic Templar Order, other than the original Black Lodge established by the Gatekeepers and founders of the Temple. These nine Templars, under the visionary leadership of Lord Blackstone, were leading the Temple of Satan to a new era. And after tonight, the Devil willing, their diabolical plans to expand their reach would be set in motion, and the world would never be same.

Lord Blackstone began the proceedings by leading the circle in the Devil’s Prayer. “Brothers and Sisters, let us pray. Our Father, who wert in heaven, unhallowed be thy name; thy Empire come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Hell. Give us this day our daily boons; and reward us our trespasses as we reward those who trespass for thee; and lead us not from temptation, but deliver us to evil.”

The circle intoned “Ave” in unison, bringing their hands together briefly in the three-fingered Trident mudra. Blackstone returned the gesture, then continued.

“We are gathered here in the house of our Lord to discuss the next phase of the Lodge’s operations. These are most interesting times we live in. The Church of England has nearly collapsed as a power on this island, but the Islamic infestation has taken root and been allowed to fester. The Jews are always a problem but they are relatively contained. For the rest, the culture has reached a point of exhaustion. People no longer believe in the old gods, but the pseudo-religions of hedonism, scientism and consumerism fail to satisfy. Paganism is growing but it lacks power and a central source of authority. In these times, people understand subconsciously that they need something stronger than what is being offered; something with gravitas, potency and and ambition. In short, they need the Devil and His Temple.”

There was a murmur of approval around the table.

“I believe the Devil wills that we should bring His Temple to this island on a grand scale, and transform it into the world’s first Satanic state. What I am proposing is to expand our network in a more aggressive fashion from now on. We need to go block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, establishing our Black Houses and Lodges in every city and town. For I believe that once people experience the power of Satan and pleasures of His Temple, they will never wish to go back to their old religions, or their old weak, passionlesss, sleepwalking ways of life.

“The key to our growth will be the expansion of our Black Lodge network. It will expand in the time-tested manner, by the blood of our Satanic race and the soil of our conquests. But for this we will need to greatly expand our ranks, recruiting an army of thousands of new Disciples. And I wish to send each of you to one of the regions shown on map to spearhead this expansion.”

Blackstone used a laser pointer to indicate nine regions labelled on the projection map.

“I have divided up the island into the nine provinces shown here: Hades, Gehenna, Stygia, Tartarus, Uffern, Xibalba, Sheol, Abaddon and Naraka. I will establish a new Black Lodge in Abaddon province. Each of you will be responsible for establishing a Lodge in one of the other provinces, using funds provided by this Lodge. You will be responsible for all the Black Houses and covens in your region. I have assigned you to locations closest to where you live.”

Blackstone proceeded to read off the province names and the Lodge member assigned to each, calmly studying each member’s reaction as he did so. Most nodded their approval, but one or two gave him dubious looks.

“Furthermore, there will be a quota system: once it is operational, each Lodge must add at least one Black House or coven per month to its territory or the Lodge Master will face punishment or replacement. As usual, you will need to make your monthly tribute to the Grand Lodge from the funds collected by your Houses and Lodges.”

Blackstone went into further detail about the best locations for each Lodge, and various technical and strategic considerations they would need to make in establishing them. When he was done, Blackstone swept his hands around the table and scanned the faces of the inner circle with a smoldering gaze.

“Now that I have laid out this scheme, I would like to hear your thoughts. Are there any objections? Do you see any major problems here?”

The first to speak was a goateed man in his early forties called “Dama”, a university professor with a keen strategic mind.

“Master, aren’t you concerned that this rapid expansion will bring us too much attention from enemy forces? Surely law enforcement, even the pathetic Church, will harass us when they get wind of our activities and try to shut us down. The filthy Muslims could also be a problem in some areas. How will we avoid this?”

“Brother Dama, you raise an excellent point, but you may have answered your own question. For we shall use methods similar to those the Muslims themselves are using to infiltrate and conquer the West. We shall operate collectively to advance our interests, invoking religious freedom and branding those who harass us as intolerant bigots. Remember that our Lodges do not violate any laws or advocate extremism. On the surface, we are respectable and law-abiding, not criminals or terrorists. We can also police ourselves and intimidate outsiders who try to cause trouble if need be. So we shall use all the trickery the Islamists do to exploit the liberalism of this society and increase our power.

“We also have an advantage they do not: we are racially similar to the majority population, so we can more easily gain their trust and recruit from among them. We shall recruit from among the elites of this society, as we already do, but we shall also recruit from among the police, soldiers and thugs who can help us secure our territory. In some ways, we shall be more like the exilic Jews than the Muslims, in that we shall subvert this society while being able to pass for members of its majority. Our conquest will proceed invisibly until our power has grown too strong to stop. It will not be easy, but I believe the time is ripe for it.”

The Templar Dama started to say something in reply, but he was apparently so impressed by the Lodge Master’s eloquent and ingenious response that all he could do was nod and smile in agreement.

The conversation continued for another hour and a half, as members of the circle raised additional concerns and made some suggestions about how to best implement Blackstone’s audacious scheme. Finally, when all present were satisfied with the scheme, Blackstone rose and motioned toward the door.

“Excellent, this has been a most productive discussion. You all agree on the plan and know what you need to do next. Enough of business then, brothers and sister. It is well after the witching hour and the Devil must be given his due. Let us retire to the temple and consecrate this night in our way. Follow me if you please.”

Blackstone led the guests into the adjoining temple chamber. He flicked a switch and several torches placed around the room flickered to life, bathing the room in an infernal red glow.

“Now if you will excuse me for a few minutes, I have a guest who wishes to join us. In the meantime–” Blackstone motioned toward the rear wall of the temple. “You will find robes in the closet, and various refreshments in the refrigerator and pantry. Do help yourselves, and enjoy.”

Blackstone exited the room, and the eight guests, who had been so reserved and serious in the conference room, suddenly became animated and festive. They quickly found the wine, sweets, meats and pleasure drugs the manservant Genna had stocked a few hours before, and the Devil’s party began.

After a few minutes, Blackstone reappeared in the temple with a pretty, rather voluptuous young brunette beside him. She was dressed in a short black leather skirt that revealed her ample white thighs. A silver trident medallion dangled between her full breasts above her blouse. Like the other woman present, she wore dark make-up and black polish on her nails. She looked like a perfect gothic fucking machine.

“Brothers and sisters, this is the very lovely Lily. Some of you already know her. She was raised in our Lodge, and is our most adept and desirable temple whore. Come, let us all get better acquainted with her.”

Soon, the room was pulsing with the sound of a leather hand drum that one of the Templars beat in time with his heart. Musky incense filled the air, and the Templars all stripped and began to dance naked beneath their black robes. They formed a circle around Lily, who stood naked in the center, while they drank and ate and swayed and chanted hymns to the Devil. Lily fondled each of them with their robes still on for awhile, then one by one, they removed their robes and received more intimate pleasuring. Then they were all overcome with devilish lust, broke the circle and feasted upon each other’s flesh in a generalized orgy. After some hours of this, the Lodge members crashed upon the mattresses scattered around the room and fell into a satiated sleep.

By the middle of the next day the inner circle of the Blackstone Lodge had left the Blackstone estate by their various ways. Each of them would find their way back to their region of the British Isles, which from that day forth would be the province of a new Satanic state, ruled by nine Lodges, and soon to be the model for the world Satanic Empire to come – if the Devil willed it.