Below are some Orders and individuals that the Temple considers our allies. While we have some differences with all of these groups, in the larger cause of advancing Lord Satan’s religion, defeating His enemies and establishing His Imperium, we consider them brothers-in-arms.

Order of Nine Angles

The ONA is an important, pioneering group of diabolists that re-established Satanism as a sinister, subversive, theistic path in the wake of the LaVeyan heresy of the 1960s-70s. ONA has put out a great deal of material describing their esoteric philosophy, training and way of life, and has been very successful in spreading their memes throughout the Satanosphere. …

Joy of Satan

The Joy of Satan … led by Diane Vera. The Joy of Satan web site, while primitive in design, is full of excellent material for those who wish to learn more about real Satanic philosophy and praxis. …

Sith Academy

Sith Academy is an innovative project that offers a fresh, futuristic take on the Satanic by using the mythos of the “Sith” and Star Wars. Their ideology could be described as “panentheistic Satanism”, in that it posits an impersonal “dark Force” which permeates the universe, which the Sith Lord can harness to manifest his will. Sith Academy is led by two shadowy figures known as the “Dark Lords”, who have published several books describing the path of Sithism, and claim to be prophets and founders of the Sith religion and the Galactic Empire.