Two Satanic Templars in the library of their Black Lodge.
In the chapel of a Black House.

The Black House

A Black House is a home that is used for gatherings of two or more members of the Temple of Satan. They are an excellent way for the “Devil-worshippers next door” to practice and recruit others to our religion. All Black Houses should have a Satanic chapel in a dedicated space where Templars can conduct black masses and sermons, sign pacts with the Devil, perform daily prayers and other black magick rituals. The interior of the house, or at least the temple room, should be painted red or black and decorated with Satanic symbols and idols. From the outside, the house should look normal to avoid attracting too much attention from neighbors. The owner of the Black House will be at least a Second Gate Initiate of the Temple, also known as a Black Housekeeper. If a Black House attracts more than 13 members, it should split off into a second Black House, or become a Black Lodge.

Black Housekeepers may choose to list their Houses in a registry of official Temple of Satan Black Houses. This will allow other Templars to visit the House when they are in the area, and be given accommodations, initiations and other support. If the Black Housekeeper wishes to remain anonymous and recruit members independently, he/she may choose not to be listed in the Black House registry. In either case, a Black House is a safe house for its members, which offers sanctuary and secrecy to Devil worshippers in a hostile world. A Black House must never betray its members to outside parties or risk the most severe sanction by Temple authorities!

The Temple of Satan is always looking to add more Black Houses to our network; email us at to tell us about your Black House or for more information.