The Heresy of “Modern Satanism”

The notion of Satanism as an organized religion only entered the modern mind with the antics of Anton Szandor Lavey and his “Church of Satan” in the 1960s. Fittingly for his background as a circus performer and amateur psychologist, Lavey turned Satanism into a media circus, where ritual and black magick was nothing more than “psychodrama”, and an actual being called “Satan” did not even exist. Thus began the great heresy called “Modern Satanism” or “Atheistic Satanism”, which subverted traditional Satanism by removing its whole metaphysical basis – the belief in Satan. In its place, Lavey offered a hodgepodge of modern secular ideas borrowed from the likes of Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard and P.T. Barnum.

If the essence of the Satanic is moral and cultural inversion, then Lavey’s Satanism was indeed Satanic, for it did invert the values of traditional Satanism, while at the same time turning the New Age hippie ethos of that era on its head. But after Lavey, Satanism became a pose, a troll operation and a marketing scheme more than a spiritual path. Lavey himself soon realized the fraud he had created, and in 1975 he gave up on his Church and decided to cash in on the sales of books, trinkets and Church memberships for the remainder of his rather inconsequential life.

The bottom line is that an ideology calling itself “Satanism” that doesn’t believe in Satan, the Antichrist, Hell or demons, doesn’t practice real black magick, embraces the rationalism and secularism of the Enlightenment cult, and doesn’t have an agenda beyond “sex, drugs and rock and roll”, is for us not Satanism at all. Rather, it is heretical pseudo-Satanism – a counterfeit which the Temple of Satan strongly opposes. While we give Anton Lavey due credit for his sense of style, his boldness and his psychological and social insights, ultimately his project failed because it denied the very source of all Satanic power: Lord Satan Himself.

The modern subversion of Satanism has gotten even more grotesque with the recent appearance of the so-called “Satanic Temple”. This organization, which neither believes in Satan nor has a temple, seeks to remove even the Nietzschean, irrationalist, social Darwinist aspects of LaVey’s ideology and turn Satanists into little more than social justice warriors in gothic drag. Nothing could be less Satanic than these pitiful creatures, practicing their sanitized, PC, corporate-approved pseudo-Satanism, who would flee in terror were they to encounter someone with the menace and diabolical spirit of a real Satanist.

It is amusing to imagine one of these ‘activist’ Satanic Temple media whores out ‘teabagging’ the gravestones of ‘homophobes’ in the American South for the cameras, when a burly backwoods Devil-worshipper jumps out of the bushes with a bowie knife, puts it to the soft throat of the “Satanic Templar” and says: “You wanna know Satan boy? Here’s your Satan faggot! Squeeeeal!” To complete the delicious scene, the hillbilly then drags the violated and humiliated “Satanist” back to a grove in a nearby swamp, ties him to a tree, summons his whole diabolist clan, and they proceed to show the city boy what real old-school Satanists do to heretics who defile the name of Satan by trying to be ‘social justice warriors’ in His name. Satanic justice, indeed!

The Many Masks of the Devil

“There is but one Black Master though men calle hym Sathanas & Beelzebub & Apolleon & Ahriman & Malik Tous… Ye abysse yawns & ye debt is to paye. Ye light fayles, ye shadows gather. There is no god but evil; no lite but darkness; no hope but doom—” —Robert E. Howard, Dig Me No Grave

Our religion is monodiabolism: we believe in one god of evil and the dark forces, who is the Lord of this world. This god has gone by many names down through man’s history in different lands: Set, Typhon, Baal, Ahriman, Satan, Lucifer, Kali, Cernunnos, Chernobog, Supay, Tezcatlipoca, etc. – but all of these are just deific masks of the one Dark Lord, whom we call Diabolus – the Devil.

One of our tasks as a Temple is to reclaim these many diabolic masks and memes from those who have appropriated them for their own misguided agendas. We shall bring them together under one banner for the purpose of propagating a true Satanic religion, and furthering our goal of seeing devil worshipers grow stronger and closer to our Dark Lord. We begin with the name Satan, since that is the name most people in our culture best know and fear him as, but we do not stop there! We also claim Set (, Kali (, Wutong (, Devil’s Temple (, and Temple of Lucifer (, just to name a few. We seize these domains as Temple of Satan properties, to prevent them from being misused by heretics and charlatans, and to use them to promote our message of universal monodiabolism.

We are living in a unique era, in which global technology and cultural awareness has made possible the uniting of the many masks of the Devil into one diabolical body, under one Temple, one ideology and one inspired leadership. While it is a difficult task to unify the disparate and fractious parties who ally themselves with the Devil, we believe that the Dark Lord has called upon us to do so, and Satan willing, it shall be done!

Sir Baphomet

“I am Sir Baphomet”

I would like to say that I first came across Lord Hellstrom “the Black Sun Master”, through another friend and was attracted to his personal power and intellect, which is evident in his writings and sermons that can be found at the website known as Order of the Black Sun. He has given me the name “Sir Baphomet” and instructed me to teach you and others the art of dark sex magic, that can be used to pursue all types of sexual desires, such as finding an ideal sexual mate(s), slave, or master. And I must say, just before I met Lord Hellstrom, I was having problems with my second Chakra in that I was experiencing pain in this area for many years. I have sought out help from numerous Naturopathic doctors, Chinese and Oriental medical practitioners, Curanderos, and other forms of healing magic rituals, to include Yoga and Rajneesh meditation. But nothing came close to curing me of my pelvic pain, than embracing the more dark forms of healing energy, which included but not limited to: worshiping and drawing from personal sexual experiences and romantic conquests, the more recent ritualistic tools, spells, and mantras that have come my way through the teachings of The Black Sun Master, and my spiritual discussions and physical connections that I have recently formed with the demon Baphomet.

My background includes past sexual experiences with thousands of different individuals, from male to female encounters, and I have found that sex in general is a deep form of communication between two individuals, which can often times stimulate the dark and malevolent part of the human mind and soul. I also think when you confine yourself to one person, you are not only practicing and endorsing the Christian doctrine of fidelity, but are limiting yourself and others to a point, where it’s no longer about love encapsulating freedom and instead turns out to be more about being a non-consensual prisoner in your own jail.

And I must say that I believe, as a result of a life of oppression, you may cause your body to attract all forms of disease, to include psychosis, physical pain of all types, and other more serious illnesses that can come about quite unexpectedly and linger on for years. Also, when a person comes into contact with a disease or is overpowered with one, an effective way to remove it entirely from your body and mind is to endorse a particular demon, in real life or the afterlife, as you live and move about on this planet or other realms of existence. And if you are so lucky, you may finally meet your demon at your death bed or chamber as you walk into the underworld. Remember demons help you descend into the underworld, perhaps coming back to this planet to walk hand in hand with Lucifer himself, forever influencing others to pursue their dark and evil hedonist pleasures.

Most importantly, in order to be able to pursue power over others, one must be called to any number of demons, depending on your birth date, personal experiences and aspirations in life, and perhaps other characteristics, such as being born with the gift of influence over others. In my case, I’m currently drawn to the demon “Baphomet”, mostly because I believe that I have earned his respect by engaging in thousands of personal sexual encounters, my porn mogul and wealth conquests over the internet, and my ability to motivate others to sell their flesh and twist their sexual desires from gay to straight, straight to gay, reach other plateaus of bisexuality, and most of all, helping others to squash their belief in monogamy and seek a more realistic and Satanic practice of respect for polygamy and promiscuity.

At this point, I know without Baphomet’s help and power that I may not become immortal and will not be given the chance to come back to this planet and haunt and influence others to pursue such taboo sexual interests as heterosexual lust and power, homosexuality and pansexual desires. By channeling Baphomet’s magic, in the areas of wealth and sexual empowerment, I should be able to call others to pursue their sexual desires, conquests, and place their friends and perhaps family members in the position of a sex slave or sex master. Depending on your sexual interests or callings, I ask you to follow me as we explore what Baphomet’s sex magic might do for you and others as we pursue the dark world of hell on earth. In future weeks I will introduce Satanic and sinister lessons that will attract lovers into your life, in which your current or new mate will able to glorify your naked body and spirit, invoke many more of your  lustful desires than you can possibly imagine and wish for, and most of not all, help you explore the different realms of sex magic, which I believe every one of us deserves and desires.

In my next lesson, I will talk about Baphomet and how the use of sexual fluids, to include semen and vaginal fluid, and perhaps blood and sweat, which I believe can all be used to channel his sex magic and help you, most of all, find one or several lovers, to be used as a sexual slave or master. And if you are so inclined to take the less traveled road to your happy and dark destiny of intimate conquests, I might be so kind to assist you with your sexual escapades that could begin at the onset of the black sun and not end till the wee hours of the white and blinding inferno. Feel free to explore all of your sexual fantasies in this essay, which will now and forever be known as “Sir Baphomet.”

For now, go ahead and say the following sexual mantra to not only call Baphomet into your life, but to empower you to pursue and reach your sexual desires.

The Mantra:

“Baphomet, help me achieve my sexual pursuits and fantasies, by believing in your sex magic as a tool to find my ideal mate for sexual pleasure and romantic intrigue.”

Males or Females may want to try some of these Hindu Mantras, which I believe are slanted toward the dark side:

I request those trying these mantras to give feedback on their progress be emailing me at:

Mantras for Males

These mantras should be recited concentrating on the Muladhara or root chakra whose location is between the genital and the anus. However one should not strain hard to concentrate, the mind should be focused on this chakra, without straining the mind. While concentrating and reciting these mantras one should have an image in your mind of this chakra as being red in color.

Note: The Sexual needs of males are more on a physical level hence this chakra.

The mantras should be recited ideally for about 10 to 15 minutes while keeping the spine straight, the position should be either sitting or lying on your back. The mantras are Dwhani or sound mantras and should be recited. One can recite either one or both mantras depending upon how comfortable you feel.

Om Lam Par Tatvaay Vam Sham Sham Sam Om Phat

ॐ लाम पर तटवय वाम शाम शाम साम ॐ फट

LAM-va, sha, ssa, sa

लाम-वा, शा, स्सा, सा

Mantras for Females

This mantra should be recited concentrating on the Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra which is located in the sacrum just below the belly button. The procedure is the same as the one given above only the color is orange.

Note: The Female Sexual needs are more on a mental level hence this chakra.

Om Vam Vam Swaadhishtthaanam Jaagray Jaagray Vam Vam Om Phat

ॐ वाम वाम स्वाधिष्ठानम जागरे जागरे वाम वाम ॐ फट

VAM-ba, bha, ma, wa, ra, la

वाम -बा , भा , मा, वा, रा , ला

The End and the Beginning is Near!

Hail Baphomet, and all of those who follow him!