Book of Abaddon


{ The following is an excerpt from the Infernicon, revealed here for the first time by the Gatekeepers. }

The Lord of Fire is seeing into me, and unto this Earth His Hell is bent upon destroying.

I Call to Lord Abaddon, Angel of Destruction, who desires all the mortals of this plane called humans dead—exterminated at the hand of his demon legions. Only when our corpses litter a dead earth will this Hell have come, his Will be done, and his hunger for destruction satiated on this plane.

Better to kill the Angel of Destruction, your extinguished self may say, for we mortal humans must stay alive.

I say nay! I say catch on fire and kill thy neighbor—burn down his house, blow him up, send him to the flames of Kingdom Come! For we are the Infernal cult of fire and destruction, not the guardians or saviors of mankind. We serve not Yahweh and his angels, but Lord Abaddon and all the Hosts of Hell.

Lord of Destruction, magnificent Abaddon, sing to us! Sing a song about we maggots annihilating ourselves perhaps? Say no more. Abaddon speaks to us, a scant voice in the dark:

A holocaust must be brought upon the damned of mankind!

Only when they and their children whisper of droughts to come, the famine of beasts, and swarms of locusts visited upon thy land; only when mankind is stricken with great unknown plagues will life cease upon this plane.

The children of this world, who weep so, frolick much, are ready to be taught the wicked ways of the Beast. Lord Abaddon, King Abaddon, do Satan’s bidding and take them away from us; all the damned children of the world—take them now! They are but silent twisters in the wind, whirling without a purpose, without a soul, without a fire.

For there are many without a spark, without a fire in this life or in the next who deserve not entry into the Inferno. They deserve only to be slaughtered at the gates of Hell! Only thus can their souls inflame the wicked immortals of this world. So inflamed, they will inherit the earth and find sanctuary under the command of Lord Abaddon.

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