Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire

The breath of fire is a powerful Satanic yoga exercise to begin to awaken your Vi Diaboli (Devil-force), which you can think of as the fiery breath of the Devil Himself.

Go into your shrine and sit in diamond pose (back straight, knees on the floor, sitting on heels). Hold your hands in front of your chest in the trident mudra: the three middle fingers of both hands touching at the fingertips, thumbs and little fingers folded down.

Now perform the breath of fire: breath rapidly in and out of both nasal passages, mouth closed, using equal intervals on the inhale and exhale. Do this for a count of 111, 222 or 333 breaths to start. On the final inhale, hold the breath for 27 breaths, then exhale slowly. Do you feel the Vi Diaboli energizing and awakening your infernal will?

Do this exercise daily as part of your diabolical praxis, extending the number of breaths until you can do 666 total. It can be done anytime you need a burst of energy and willpower; it also “charges” the trident mudra, so that just putting your hands in that position with give you a jolt of Vi at any time.

To complete this Trial, record yourself doing the breath of fire for 666 breaths, and email the video link to