Devil Box

Trial #4: The Devil Box

In this Trial you will construct a “Devil Box” for use in diabolical sorcery and devotions to the Devil. You can think of your Devil Box as a safe deposit box in the Hell dimension: you put material objects inside it and charge them with your devotion, and in return Lord Satan will put his concentrated Devil-Force in the Box for you to withdraw as needed.

Construct the Devil Box out of any material—wood, metal, stone, plastic—the more solid the better. You may modify an existing box, but this is not recommended. Adorn the outside of the box with diabolical symbols of your choosing. Below is a Devil Box used by the Gatekeepers at the Black Temple.

Devil Box Offering:

Once you have constructed your Devil Box, place it on the altar in your temple in front of an image of the Devil. Use the Box to make an offering in the following manner.

Take an object that is meaningful to you, and that you think will be pleasing to Lord Satan. It could be anything, but it should relate to your intention for this offering. For example, if you are wishing for the boon of money from Lord Satan, you could use coins or bills—perhaps 3 nickels and 3 pennies or 3 five- and 3 one-dollar bills to represent the Number of the Beast. Hold these items in your left fist and place it in the Devil Box. Hold your hand in the Box for five minutes while you chant devotions and say prayers to Lord Satan. Below is an example of a prayer in English followed by a Latin chant. You may use any languages or words you think will please Lord Satan.

Hail Satan, Lord of the Worlds.
I give these items to thee, O Lord, as tokens of my loyalty
May they please thee and serve thy Empire
On Earth as it is in Hell
And may they bring me your boon of wealth
So that I may serve thee still better

Ave Satanas, Dominus Mundi… Diabolo et Imperiae!… Ave Satanas, Dominus Mundi… Diabolo et Imperiae!… (repeat for five minutes)

Your Devil Box can be used to curse your enemies in the same way; take a Devil-doll, a picture, a lock of hair, or a piece of paper with your enemy’s name written on it and place it in the Box. Again say words of devotion to Satan, and request that your enemy be cursed in some way. Leave the items in the Box, close the lid, and wait for the Vi Diaboli to work its Black Magick!

To complete this Trial, record a video of yourself performing a Devil Box offering and send it to the Gatekeepers as previously instructed.