Devil Shrine

Trial #8: Devil Shrine

This Trial requires the Applicant to further manifest the Vi Diaboli by constructing a personal shrine to the Devil. This is an another black magickal space where you will conduct devotions, rituals and invocations of Satan’s power. The shrine should be located in a secret location such as an alcove, cave, basement, forest grove or abandoned building where you feel the Devil-force strongly.

Your shrine should have some kind of Satanic statue, idol or Devil-doll to act as the focus of your devotions. Items such as black candles, offering bowls, skulls, blades and incense may be stored there as well. Satanic power symbols should be drawn around the shrine to please Lord Satan and invoke his energy.

Follow your infernal inspiration in creating your Devil shrine. When you are pleased with its appearance and feel its power, take pictures and/or videos of it and send them to the addresses previously provided.