Greetings Temple of Satan Aspirants:

To be considered for initiation into our Temple, we require a video testament that includes the following:

A statement to the effect that you are willing to birth/inseminate the Anti-Christ, or think you could be the Anti-Christ, or know the whereabouts of the Anti-Christ. If you are unsure of what the Anti-Christ is and why we seek to find him/breed him, we recommend that you read this page.

Note: In your video, make sure to talk about why you have come to us and confirm that you are of adult age. You may be discreet by covering your face or remaining in the darkness if you wish.

Send a link (youtube, vimeo, etc.) to your video, or a USB chip containing the video file, to any of the contacts below. Someone from the Temple will get back to you discreetly with more information about how to proceed to the First Gate of your initiation.

Email: templeofsatan666@gmail.com

Skype: ‘devilstemple’

Temple of Satan Youtube Channel

PO Box 12051
Seattle, WA 98102

Diabolo et Imperiae! (For the Devil and the Imperium!)

~Temple of Satan