Temple Initiation

Temple Initiation

Temple of Satan is an order of Diabolists who feel called to advance the Devil’s religion on Earth. To begin your initiation into our Order, do the following:

  1. Acquire our book The Devil’s Disciples or Pact With the Devil. Take a picture of yourself holding the book.
  2. Produce a video introducing yourself and telling us why you wish to become an Initiate of the Temple. You should dress Satanically in a robe, hood, mask, etc., speak loudly, use a good mic and high resolution. Have our book visible in the video.
  3. Upload your picture and video to our dropbox account here.
  4. Send a message using our contact form stating that you agree to allow your video to be posted to our YouTube channel and other sites. Also include your mailing address.

Applicants who complete the above steps satisfactorily will be mailed an Initiate Kit containing a Black Book (Initiate journal), Temple medallion and black candle. You should then continue your initiation by completing the nine trials described in the book.

Here is an Applicant’s book picture:

Here is an Applicant’s video: