Acolytes who cannot train in-person at the Temple of Satan complex under the Dark Lords are instructed to form Satanic Klaws in their local area to make better use of our teachings. Klaws are a way to train and study with other Acolytes, recruit others to the Diabolical Way and expand the Imperium’s tentacles into your territory.

As you begin to develop your diabolical will, you will find it very helpful to train with fellow Satanists in this way; if you ever begin to go soft or lose heart, another member can ignite a fire under you and keep you on the Path – or expel you from our ranks.

If you have completed your First Gate training, you must form your Klaw as soon as possible! If you haven’t completed Echelon One, you should do so before continuing, to ensure that you burn with the will to power required of all would-be Dark Lords.

What is a Klaw?

A Klaw is an independent unit of Satanic imperial power; it may be called a “Rule of Two”, “cabal”, “crew”, “coven”, “clan”, “cell”, “tribe”, “circle”, “gang” or “ring”, for all these are examples of Klaws. Historical examples include … The larger Klaws, when they consist of Satanic Acolytes of roughly equal rank who band together to train, are also known as “Black Brotherhoods.” More than two Satanists in a Klaw is somewhat rare, as the power of the dark side truly thrives in the relationship between a Master and his Apprentice – one to embody the power, the other to crave it.

Klaw Concepts

“Klaws are comprised of men of all ages who have a desire to come together to form brotherhoods who aspire to be Satanists. By forming these Brotherhoods of Darkness, we shall create an eternal Empire run by and for the Dark Lords of this world.” ~Darth Ravenus

Klaws are an inspired vision of the Dark Lords that allow any two or more men who wish to form a cabal, cell, or Rule of Two group to become allies of the Empire. It is heavily influenced by their experiences as the founders of the “mother of all Klaws”: the Two Dark Lords of Temple of Satan. The ideas presented here were written not as fixed rules and doctrine, but as general Klaw concepts to guide you in forming and operating a succesful Klaw. There are a total of 12 concepts of Klaw formation, following a basic principle of all Masters of the Will: to create anything great, you must first conceptualize it.

Klaw Concept: Meme

Each Klaw founder will establish his own identity by giving his group a unique name that reflects the founder’s power or passion. A Klaw may be named after its main symbol (e.g. ‘Death’s-Head Klaw’), its main activity (e.g. ‘The Blade-Brothers Klaw’), its founder (e.g. ‘The Fenrir Klaw’), its location (e.g. ‘Southern Shadow Klaw’), or anything else that inspires power.

The founder should create a powerful symbol for his Klaw that will burn itself into the minds of the Klaw’s members, allies and enemies alike. This power symbol serves to “brand” the Klaw, and can be used as a warning, an inspiration and a black magickal spell upon the minds of others. The name, symbol and theme of a Klaw is also called its meme.

Klaw Concept: Rule of Two

In a “Rule of Two” Klaw, two men shall form an intense bond of power. One shall act as the power-giver—the one who embodies the Klaw’s power—called “the Master”. The other shall act as power-craver—the one who craves the Master’s power—normally called “the Apprentice”.

Klaw Concept: Rule of Few

When three or more Klaw brothers come together, it may be called a “cell”, “cabal”, “gang” or many other names, but for our purposes it is known as a “Rule of Few”. In this type of Klaw, one person will normally act as the leader, often designating himself as the Master, and the others will be called his Apprentices, Acolytes or Klaw brothers. In some cases a Rule of Few may be led by two brothers acting as co-leaders of the Klaw, with the rest subordinate to them.

{ More information about Klaws will be contained in our upcoming boook, The Temple of Satan }