Order of the Satanic Templars

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Order of the Satanic Templars

The Temple of Satan is led by the Order of the Satanic Templars – an initiatory Order of diabolists dedicated to establishing the Devil’s religion on Earth and preparing the world for His reign. The Order follows a graded system of initiation called the Nine Gates to Satan’s Kingdom, which has the following grades:

Gate 0: Applicant

Those who crave the knowledge, power, pleasure and camaraderie of our diabolical Order but haven’t yet completed the first Gate of initiation are called Applicants.

Gate 1: Acolyte

In Gate One, the Applicant’s potential for Satanic Templar work is evaluated and their first pact with the Devil is made. The “Nine Gates” chapter of this book contains the first trial that an Applicant must complete to be admitted to our Order as an Acolyte. Upon completion of the Gate One trials, the Initiate will acquire a black robe and mask signifying his membership in our Order.

Gate 2: Black Housekeeper

In Gate Two, the Initiate must create a Black House. This is a room, house or building where the Devil is presenced in your life and others are invited to share in its power. Creating a Black House means painting the walls of your home black, or red, or some other infernal style, decorating them with pentagrams, tridents and other power symbols, placing skulls, black candles, demonic idols, daggers, masks, etc. around the rooms, and generally committing yourself to the Diabolical Way where you live.

Every Black House should have a temple space with an altar and an idol, image or statue representing the Devil as the Housekeeper imagines him/her/it. The Black Housekeeper will invite individuals to participate in Satanic rites at the house, and collect donations from them to support the Temple.

Gate 3: Black Magician

Gate Three will take the Templar deeper into advanced black magick and diabolical ideology. The Templar will be challenged to conduct difficult black magickal rituals, including rites of demonolatry, seduction, cursing, necromancy, and perhaps summoning the Devil Himself. Gate Three will include the study of Satanic power symbols, arts, yoga and occult theory. This Gate is a “make or break” Gate that separates the Adepts and Masters from the dilettantes and dabblers.

Gate 4: Black Priest

In Gate Four, the Templar will be required to master the black rites of the Temple, including the Black Mass, baptisms, pacts, offerings and conception rites. Upon completion of Gate Four, the Templar will receive the black cassock and trident medallion of the Satanic Priest, and will be qualified to conduct temple services at any Black Lodge or House anywhere in the world.

Gate 5: Black Adept

In Gate Five, the Templar will pursue specialized knowledge and skill in any black art that will bring boons to both himself and the Temple. Some specializations that are encouraged by the Temple are discussed in the “Specialists” section below.

Gate 6: Black School Master

The Templar must teach a course at a Black School in whatever area of the Black Arts they are strongest in. A Black School course may be conducted in-person, on-line or via mailed correspondence.

Gate 7: Black Lodge Master

The Templar must establish a Black Lodge or act as the Master of an existing Lodge, presiding over its initiations, rites and lectures. The Templar will need access to a building where the Lodge meetings are to be held, and he will be responsible for overseeing the Black Houses and covens in his area.

Gate 8: Black Knight

The Templar must win a major victory for the Temple, such as defeating a Yahwehan organization in your area, acquiring a large source of funds, launching a successful business to support the Temple, writing an important book, creating a powerful work of art, recruiting a number of Templars, breeding a number of Devil children, etc. Templars who complete this Gate will be knighted at a special ceremony at a Black Lodge in the presence of the Gatekeepers, and will receive the title of “Lord”.

Gate 9: Gatekeeper

Gate Nine is the culmination of the Templar’s initiation. After playing all the major roles in the Temple hierarchy and learning its black arts, the Initiate must acquire the final key to the Ninth Gate by coming face to face with the Lord of Hell Himself. This will require the Initiate to make a pilgrimage to the Black Temple, where he will be tested by the Gatekeepers in their Inner Sanctum to see if he is worthy of admittance to their ranks. If he is successful, the Initiate will be become one of the Gatekeepers who are responsible for guarding the Nine Gates and the Order in direct league with the Devil.