Pact With the Devil

Trial #9: Pact With the Devil

The final trial of Gate One is to make a pact with the Devil and declare your allegiance to Him. For this trial you will need a blank piece of paper, a high quality pen with black ink, a stylus, a lancet or sharp knife, a small dish and a black candle. Ideally, the paper should be made from the dried skin of a black male goat that you have slaughtered yourself, though any high quality parchment paper will suffice.

To proceed, go into your personal temple and light a black candle on your altar. Meditate and pray until you can feel the presence of Lord Satan’s infernal energy in your temple. When you are ready, write the following infernal pact on the parchment paper with the pen:

I, [Templar name], on this [day] day of [month] in the year [year], declare that there is no god greater than Satan, Lord of this World.

I deny Jesus Christ, Moses, Muhammad and all the Jehovan deceivers. I deny all the false prophets of the man-made religions and white light gods.

To Lord Satan alone I pledge my allegiance and dedicate my life, in return for power, pleasure, riches, knowledge and vitality.

Hail Satan!

Now draw some blood by pricking the forefinger of your left hand with the lancet and squeeze the blood into the dish. Dip the stylus into the blood and sign the pact, using your Templar name in English. You may add power symbols of your choosing, also drawn in blood.

On a separate piece of paper, write the following with the pen in black ink:

Gatekeepers of the Temple of Satan:

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

Sign this note with your normal signature with the pen. You may also include additional contact information if you wish.

Send these two documents, along with a monetary contribution to the Temple as part of your Fourth Pillar obligation to support Temple operations, to the following address:

The Gatekeepers
PO Box 12051
Seattle, WA 98102

Once the Gatekeepers have received and approved your documents and contribution, you will be considered a full Initiate of the Temple and will be ready to proceed to the Second Gate. Hail Satan!