Personal Temple

Trial #2: Personal Temple

The second Trial for the Temple of Satan Applicant is to construct a personal temple to the Devil. This is a black magickal space where you will conduct your devotions, rituals and invocations of Satan’s power. The temple could be located in any room, alcove or basement where you can have privacy and separation from the non-diabolical world.

Set up an altar where you can make offerings and focus the Vi Diaboli. Put items on your altar that are pleasing to yourself and to Lord Satan, such as an idol of Baphomet or a Devil figurine. Two black candles are standard in our Orders shrines and temples, reflecting the two black pillars of the Black Temple. Other items to keep on or near your altar include an offering bowl, skull, ritual dagger, mask, incense, Satanic banners, paintings and altar cloths.

Your personal temple should include one or more Satanic symbols such as a pentagram to show your allegiance to Lord Satan and our Temple. Satanic power symbols are discussed elsewhere in this book and can be printed out at

Follow your infernal inspiration in creating your personal temple. When you are pleased with its appearance and feel its power, send pictures and/or videos of it to the Gatekeepers as previously instructed.