Petition the Devil

To begin your descent through the Nine Gates, the Temple requires all Applicants to petition the Devil Himself for entry into our Order. This means you must record a video of yourself saying words to the following effect:

I am over 18 years of age, and attest that I am of sound mind and body. This is my Petition to the Devil.

O great Satan, Lord of this world, I, {your Templar name}, hereby petition thee:
Grant me entry into thy Temple, so that I may prove my allegiance to thee,
And do such diabolical deeds as may please thee,
And assist the Templars in spreading thy religion,
and building thy Kingdom, on earth as it is in Hell.
In return may I be rewarded with all the wealth, pleasures and powers of this world,
and be guided by the Gatekeepers through the Nine Gates to thine infernal Kingdom.

Hail Satan!

To complete the video, say some words about what you can offer the Temple – e.g. skills, knowledge, wealth, personal connections, ideas, your soul, etc.

Upload your video to our dropbox account here. The Gatekeepers will review your video and if they are satisfied with it, they will contact you with your next Gate One Challenge.

Hail Satan!