Satanic High Priest Kit: Robe, Hood, Temple of Satan Book & 5 Black Candles


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This High Satanic Sex Priest(ess) Red Robe kit contains one red devil-worshipping robe with its own hood and a satanic pointed hood for more diabolical & Satanic activities. Red is the color of choice for sexual and high satanic and theistic devil worshipping activities in the Satanic world. The Satanic Hood & Priest robe is made of red cotton twill/polyester blended material & hand-sewn by the Temple of Satan’s seamstress. You must cut your own eye/mouth slits in the pointed hood material to see or talk if desired. The pointed hood will fit most heads. The Red robe itself will fit a person between the sizes of 5’8″ to 6′ 2”, and thin to medium build. Please ensure the robe will fit yourself before ordering. This High Satanic priest kit can also be used to summon Lord Satan, the ultimate Dark Lord of this World into your life and make pacts for fame, fortune, pleasure, power, longevity or whatever you desire. Also included in the kit are five handmade black Satanic altar candles measuring 2″ X 9.5″.

The included book “Temple of Satan: Pact With the Devil” is a deluxe, full-color, red hardcover volume that contains the first two books in the Temple of Satan’s series on diabolism and black magick and not available anywhere else. They provide an introduction to the doctrine, practice and literature of Devil-worship. They may be read by anyone seeking diabolical knowledge and inspiration, but are intended particularly for those who wish to become initiated members of our Order of Satanic Templars: the black priesthood of our worldwide organization of Devil-worshippers. Book I introduces the reader to the doctrine, black magick and rites of the Order. You will learn of the prophetic ideas that inspire us, the theory and practice of black magick and Satanic Temple rites and the diabolical life-ways of our kind. Book I culminates in the First Gate trials, which require the Aspirant to make a pact with the Devil, among other diabolical things. Book II is an introduction to the classical literature of Devil-worship and black magick that gives Aspirants deeper knowledge of our religion and fuel for their infernal imaginations. Hardback, 200 pages. 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall.

Evil Devil-worshipping and all hail Lord Satan!