Theistic Satanic Devil Worshipping Book B & W


Theistic Satanic Devil Worshipping Book: Temple of Satan – The Devil's Disciples Black and White Version

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The included book “Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples” is an introduction to the doctrine, practice and literature of Devil-worship. It may be read by anyone seeking diabolical knowledge and inspiration, or who wish to make a pact with the Devil and become initiated members of our Order of Satanic Templars: the black priesthood of our worldwide organization of Devil-worshippers. This book introduces the reader to the doctrine, black magick and rites of our Order. You will learn of the prophetic ideas that inspire us, the theory and practice of black magick and Satanic Temple rites and the diabolical life-ways of our kind.

Acquire this most unholy evil book of traditional theistic devil-worshipping and master black magick and wage spiritual warfare against the enemies of our Lord. Do these things, and by Satan’s will we shall remake this world as has been foreseen. Diabolus Vult! The Devil wills it!

Paperback, black and white interior. 177 pages. 8.5″ tall x 5.5″ wide.