Reverse Lord’s Prayer

Reverse Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is the famous prayer that the Nazarene taught to his disciples and which is recited in churches to this day. The following is the reverse prayer, which inverts the meaning and the spirit of the Christian prayer. It is an application of the Law of Inversion, which Satanic Templars use frequently to invert Yahwehite values and break themselves of Yahwehite cultural programming.

This trial is also a test of your ability to speak in reverse English. Initiates of our Temple should become proficient in this art, as it is used in many of our liturgies and rituals. We recommend that you acquire a “reverse talk” smartphone app to practice reversing your speech.

Walk backwards into your shrine, light a black candle on your altar and Recite Yahweh’s Prayer backwards:

nema! livee, morf su revilled tub nushyaitpmet ootni ton suh deel su tsnaiga sapsert tath yeth vigrawf eu za sesapsert rewau suh vigrawf derb ilaid rua yed sith suh vig neveh ni si za thre ni nud eeb liw eyth muck mudgnik eyth main eyth eeb dwohlah neveh ni tra chioo rethoff rewau!

Say “Hail Satan” and walk backwards away from the shrine to complete the Trial. Send a video of yourself performing this Trial as previously instructed.