Shrine to the Devil


Personal Shrine to the Devil

The second task for the Temple Initiate is to construct a personal shrine to the Devil. This is a black magickal space where you will conduct your devotions, rituals and invocations of Satan’s power. The shrine could be located in any room, alcove or basement where you can have privacy and separation from the undiabolical world. It could also be in an outdoor location such as a cave or forest grove where you feel the Vi Diaboli – the Devil-force – most strongly.

Set up an altar where you can make offerings and focus the Vi Diaboli. Put items on your altar that are pleasing to yourself and to Lord Satan, such as an idol of Baphomet, a devil-doll or another representation of Satan the calls to you, black candles, offering bowl, skull, dagger, mask, picture, altar cloths and incense.

Include a pentagram or other Satanic symbol in your shrine to show your allegiance to Lord Satan. Satanic power symbols are discussed elsewhere in this book and can be printed out at

Follow your infernal inspiration in creating your shrine. When you are pleased with its appearance and feel its power, take pictures and/or videos of it and mail them as prints or on USB memory chips to the address provided above.