Satanic Society

The Satanic Society

The Temple of Satan is currently in the outreach phase of establishing Lord Satan’s Imperium. We are calling out to all Devil’s Disciples who wish to register their Black Houses, Lodges and covens with the Temple. You may choose to keep your affiliation private, but those who wish to make themselves known to other Satanic Templars should list their facilities here. To be listed, contact the Gatekeepers here with more information about yourself, your group and your resources.

The Grand Lodge

Location: Washington state, USA
Masters: Gatekeepers Nargol and Nhoj

The Grand Lodge is the flagship Black Lodge of the Temple of Satan. It is located on the grounds of the Gatekeepers’ compound—a secluded, rural property in Washington state. The Grand Lodge is where the highest level decisions of the Temple are made, Temple publications and web sites are produced, and the Satanic Society network is administered.

The Gatekeepers invite select Initiates to the Lodge to participate in rituals at the Black Temple, study at 666 Academy, participate in Progenitor sex rites and experience the dark magickal power of their wooded environs.


The Chapel of Satan Lodge

Location: Topeka, Kansas
Master: Havik

The Chapel of Satan Lodge is located at a nexus of Satanic energy in the “666” postal code in Kansas.

Sherri DeSpain
PO Box 750501
Topeka, KS 66675

The Onyx Lodge

Location: Republic of Ireland
Master: Nargargole

The Onyx Lodge is run by nargargole, a theistic Satanist for some 30 years; he has created 1100 videos on Satanism for his YouTube channel. He is the author of The Epistles of Lord Satan, and moderator of the Onyx Mass Study Group, a yahoo group. Nargargole lives in Ireland, at the foot of a mountain.

Contact the Onyx Lodge at

People of the Pact Coven

The People of the Pact Coven is a group of devil worshippers who wish to make a pact with the Devil. All potential coven members must acquire a devil worshipping kit and will be coached by a Telegram voice call on how to properly make a pact with Lord Satan. So if you desire fame, fortune or lots of sex of a concubine of your choice of this mortal world, begin your initiation into this coven by first acquiring a devil worshipping kit here. For more information, contact us by telegram handle: templeofsatan