The Gatekeepers believe strongly in the power of symbols, to reorder the mind, inflame the will, and awaken passions in the infernal minds of the Devil’s Disciples.

Growing up in modern civilization, you have been bombarded by symbols from birth. They may take the form of corporate logos, government flags, sports emblems, religious icons, political posters, musicians’ logos, etc. Such symbols are used to reinforce the cultural programming of the dominant orders of sorcerers – to invade and program your mind so that it will conform to their various agendas.

As Diabolists, we must deprogram and reprogram our minds from such programming, so that we may liberate ourselves from Yahwehan mental slavery and awaken our inner reserves of diabolical power. This is a two step process. First, we mentally quarantine ourselves from the programming of the slave religions and ideologies, by simply removing their symbols from our sight, or by developing enough awareness to be able to mentally nullify their effects at will. Second, we create new symbols of power which we have summoned from the infernal mind, and begin consciously reprogramming ourselves with them.

This symbolic reprogramming process can take many forms; you may meditate on your power symbols, put them on clothing, flags, walls, books, web pages, videos, works of art, or anywhere else your attention may turn. Remember that the real power of symbols is their ability to bypass the conscious mind, which contains filters that resist their influence, and work directly upon the subconscious mind, which is the source of our greatest power as Satanists.

Below are a few power symbols the Gatekeepers use for this purpose. In the early stages of your training, Acolytes should adopt these to reinforce the message that you are part of an Order of Satanic Templars and you are submitting to their superior knowledge and power. But as you progress on your path, you should begin to develop your own symbols, and use them to establish your unique persona as a Templar and master of symbolic sorcery.

Devil’s Trident

The downward-facing trident is a symbol of the Unholy Trinity of Father (Satan), Son (the Antichrist) and the Unholy Spirit (Vi Diaboli). It also represents the Temple of Satan’s three primary metaphysical projects: summoning and serving Satan, breeding and enthroning the Antichrist, and cultivating the power of Vi Diaboli with black magick.

Inverted Pentagram

The inverted pentagram is a modern symbol of Satan popularized by Eliphas Levi in the 19th century, who called it “the sign of infernal evocations”. Anton Lavey made the inverted pentagram notorious in the 1960s as the official symbol of his Church of Satan. While we reject Lavey’s heretical “modern Satanism”, we do respect his black magickal feat of making the inverse pentagram the most potent symbol of Satan in the public mind, and we exploit this potency in the Temple’s own symbolic sorcery.

Above is the Temple of Satan’s official pentagram — a variant we call the Black Sun Pentagram.

The above variant has characters in a secret script of the Gatekeepers called Hârzad around the perimeter, invoking the name of the Lord of this World. This symbol is used in the Gatekeepers’ Inner Sanctum to summon the Devil Himself.


The Trihexadion is a symbol for the Number of the Beast, 666. In the Christian Book of Revelation, it is the “number of a man”, which is associated with the Antichrist and His world empire. Templars will receive this “mark of the beast” on their bodies during their Nine Gates initiation.


The Nonagram is a symbol of black magickal power used in rituals by Satanic Templars. The nine points evoke the power of Satan’s number, nine, and symbolize the Nine Gates all Templars must pass through on their infernal path to meet the Master.

Goat’s Head

The goat is an ancient symbol of Satan in his most lustful, earthy aspect, beloved of pagan peoples and the witches at their Sabbats. The Temple honors this tradition with its own five-pointed goat’s head symbol.

Devil Mask

The Devil Mask represents the diabolical, demonic face that lurks within every being, which most mask but which Satanic Templars, as progenitors of a new Satanic race, wear proudly. “All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.”

Blood Bat

The “Blood Bat” symbol is used by the Vampire sect of Templars, to decorate their coffins, tombs, daggers, rings, medallions and temples.

Ninth Key

This is the symbol of the Ninth Key with which the Gatekeepers will unlock the Ninth Gate to Satan’s Kingdom to all Templars who complete their initiation. The three sixes symbolize the attainment of Antichrist Consciousness—a prerequisite for entering Satan’s Kingdom as one of the Chosen and the Damned of the Devil.