Talking With the Devil

Talking With the Devil

As an Initiate of our Templar program, you must begin to develop your skill at talking to the Devil and learn how to summon Him to fulfil your desires such as money, power and devilish charm that no one can resist. This can be done quite easily by going to your shrine and asking Lord Satan for guidance to begin each day, so that you make it back alive to discover the secret Gates of his Infernal Kingdom, where fame, fortune, power and evil glory await all those who worship at his Temples.

To complete this Trial, go to your shrine and record a 20-30 minute session of yourself talking to the Devil. Light a candle or small fire, sit before the shrine, take a few deep breaths and relax. Begin by summoning the Devil: ask him politely to arrive, but be steadfast, serious and diabolical in your voice. If he doesn’t appear, keep trying. Leave no brimstone or fire unburnt — summon him! You must invoke his black and fiery spirit, and imagine the colors of his evil aura as red and black, swirling around you as you begin to feel the gaze of his evil grin and bestial face. Imagine him with the head of a goat or some other idol that you have placed upon your altar. You must see him in some shape or form in front of you as you record the session; draw him on the wall if necessary.

When you receive a vision of the Devil, talk to him about whatever comes to mind: request a favor, offer words of praise and devotion, ask Him questions, etc. You may speak in English, or you may be inspired to speak in Latin, reverse English, or some demonic gibberish tongue.

When you have recorded a powerful session of yourself talking to the Devil, email the video of it to and/or send it on a USB memory chip to the address provided previously.

Ave Satanas!

~The Gatekeepers