The Antichrist

A vision of Ariels, the Antichrist.

The Antichrist

The Temple of Satan’s main project in the present age is to ready the world for the coming of the Devil’s Messiah: the Antichrist, Son of Satan. The Temple is currently in Year Three of our Lord’s order to build his religion, his armies, his political operations and his demonic forces in preparation for the reign of his son, who shall be called Ariels.

This Satanic Superman will be so exceptional that there will be no question that He must rule absolutely. He will be called the Antichrist by the monotheists because his extraordinary abilities and anti-Christian values will seem demonic to their unawakened minds. His rise will undoubtedly be accompanied by great wars and strife, because it will spell the end for the old order and the inception of the Satanic Aeon. By His power and His very being, the Antichrist will embody our highest aspirations and set new standards for mankind. Finally, we will be led not by the least among us, but the greatest!

From the Inner Sanctum of their Temple, the Gatekeepers have initiated a program to birth the Antichrist via a Temple faction called the Progenitors. Templars will also scour the earth for those who bear the marks of the Beast that indicate potential Antichristhood. The Gatekeepers feel that the age of the Antichrist is drawing close, but they are working with diabolical energy to hasten His arrival.

Let the world know today that we are living at the dawn of a new era. Know that a real Temple of Satan has emerged out of the ashes and slabs of black stone, from which a mighty Satanic Imperium will unfold and ready the world for the reign of the Antichrist, Ariels. This is our single-minded purpose for existence – so let it be written; so let it be known; so let it be done.

Diabolus vult! (the Devil wills it!)

~The Gatekeepers

Latest Antichrist News and Sightings:

(Note: if you know a serious Antichrist candidate, contact the Temple here and tell us about him.)

Email received December 20, 2020:

First of all, I apologise in advance for contacting you in such a way, after trying all ways to get to you, having no response, This was my last resort. Please, I beg you, read this entire email.

Again, I plead you, read this entire email. I am not just someone trying desperately to get your attention.
I think I found the Antichrist.
He is a Tall, Pale, White boy.
The boy is currently 14-15 years old, note that I have the explicit permission of his, and his parents to share these informations with you.
He was born September 13, 2006.
His mother is Turkish, the Father is Italian.
His full name is Orhan Alessandro Prando.
The boy currently lives in Turkey, after having studied in Italy for a year. I met him in Italy, and got to speak to him a bunch of times, and each time, felt Great Satanic power coming from him. He has curly black hair, and brown eyes. Although being so young, the boy already speaks three languages (English, Italian, Turkish).
I swear, every time I saw him with an animal, the animal always looked distressed.
The Boy himself believes that he is the Antichrist, and not only that, but he believes he is the Devil Incarnate. He believes that there are four Antichrists, and that he is only the first one (He calls this concept the Quaternity, he says that Satan came as the first Antichrist, and that he will send other three after him, the second being the Whore of Babylon, the Third being the Biblical King Nimrod, and the fourth being a Nameless Female Demon.)
I saw the boy set things on fire by looking at them only, and insects are drawn to him.
He used to have a twitter account, but it was suspended.
His Reddit account is:
his personal gmail is:
(Note that Antichrist is purposely misspelled as “Antichirst” for reasons he has not told me, although It may be a simple typo)
And this is his Youtube Channel (He uploaded a Video very recently):
Other than that, his parents told me that;
His first word was “Luce”, which in Italy, it means light, and is another name for
His mother saw pale, cloaked figures observing her through the windows during her pregnancy.
In ultrasounds, the boy, as a fetus, appeared to have horns, and hooves.
The Father almost died in a Car accident, but was saved by “Miracle”.
Finally, a couple of Demon names can be spelt with the boy’s name (Orhan Alessandro Prando), including the name of the Antichrist himself, Ariels, although written as “Araels”.
Please do not share this email with anyone else, this is to be red by the Gatekeepers only.
I hope this email helps, feel free to ask anything, and I will answer them for you.

A video from the channel in question:

Response by the Gatekeepers:
We will contact this boy when he is of legal age. For now, keep up the diabolical work of scouring this evil world for signs of Lord Satan’s son. We thank you for contacting us and commend you for upholding the diabolical ways of our Temple. Ave Diabolus!

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