The Diabolical Way

The Diabolical Way

Members of our Satanic Brotherhood call our way of life the Diabolical Way—Diabolica Via—for it is a path of manifesting the diabolical will and embodying the diabolical spirit in everything we do in life. Beginning with a morning prayer to Satan, continuing with your daily business of seeking wealth, knowledge, pleasure and power, including the food you eat, your sexuality and yoga practice, to attending gatherings with other People of the Pact, the Diabolical Way is a path of total self-transformation and purpose. Our Way is in fact a road which leads ultimately through the Nine infernal Gates into the presence of our Lord Satan.

The Six Pillars

The Diabolical Way has six pillars:

  • Infernal Pact: Pledge your allegiance to the Devil in return for power, pleasure, wealth, vitality and knowledge.

  • Daily Rituals: Conduct daily invocations, offerings and exercises in honor of Lord Satan.

  • Wanderings: Roam the Earth seeking other Disciples and experiencing the realities of Lord Satan’s world.

  • Gatherings: Attend gatherings on important dates of the Satanic calendar for group rites and revelry.

  • Tribute: Make regular tributes to the Temple in the form of wealth, work or favors.

  • Nine Gates: Pursue the Nine Gates of Satanic initiation to the best of your abilities.

More information about these pillars is available in our book Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples, from Temple of Satan Publishing.