The First Gate

Trial #1: Pact With the Devil

Membership in our Satanic Brotherhood begins by making a pledge to the supreme power of Satan. This is no mere oath of servitude to some slave-driver desert God, in the manner of the Muslim Shahada to the tyrannical Allah. Rather, it is a pact with the Devil: you are agreeing to give your allegiance to Satan, in return for power and glory in this world and immortality in the next. The price of admission to our Brotherhood is that you must sell your soul to Satan!

For this trial you will need a blank piece of paper, a pen, a stylus or a sterile needle or sharp knife, and a black candle. To proceed, simply write the following Infernal Pact on a piece of paper with a pen:

There is no god greater than Satan, Lord of this World.
To Him I pledge my allegiance and dedicate my life, in return for power, glory and immortality.
Hail Satan!

Below this text, draw an inverted pentagram in blood. Below that, sign the document with whatever name you would like to use to identify yourself at the Temple. You may also include a personal power symbol or sigil if you like.
On a separate piece of paper, write the following in normal ink:

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.

Sign this piece of paper with your normal signature. You may also include additional contact information if you wish. Mail your pact and age certification to the following address:

The Dark Lords
PO Box 12051
Seattle, WA 98102

Once the Dark Lords have received and reviewed your documents, you will be cleared to continue your First Gate trials.