The Five Boons

The Five Boons

The Five Boons are the five primary benefits which Lord Satan shall bestow upon dedicated Initiates of our Temple. They are:

Vitality (“Vi”): Lord Satan favors those with animal vitality and diabolical energy. The Satanic Adept must have the physical, mental and spiritual energy necessary to win the struggle for life and fully enjoy its fruits. Vitality means being physically healthy, mentally alert and spiritually awake. The key to this boon is accumulating Vi Diaboli (“Devil Force”) – the “dark force” or “Unholy Spirit” that permeates the universe and which emanates from Lord Satan Himself.

Opulence (“Opes”): Lord Satan does not glorify poverty, modesty and austerity in the manner of the slave religions. On the contrary, the Devil encourages his disciples to acquire great wealth and to fully indulge in the material playthings of this world. If you are not growing wealthier on your Satanic path, you are doing something very wrong, and must ask Lord Satan for guidance!

Pleasure (“Voluptas”): Lord Satan is a god of indulgence, sensuality, sexuality and earthly pleasures of all kinds. The Devil does not preach abstinence or the evils of the flesh like some slave religions, but full indulgence and adepthood at all methods of producing pleasure. Our Templars honor our Lord’s will by holding frequent orgies and feasts at our Black Houses, Lodges and gatherings.

Knowledge (“Scientia”): Lord Satan bestows knowledge upon his disciples and awakens a desire to study the darkest and most forbidden sciences. The Diabolical Way requires disciples to acquire advanced knowledge of many Black Arts, which they shall need to pass through the Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Satan and be worthy to enter into the presence of our Lord and Master.

Empire (“Imperium”): Lord Satan is a god of power and dominion; he rules over Hell, and through his disciples and his Chosen One, the Antichrist, he shall rule over the Earth. The Temple of Satan is building a world-dominating Empire, because such power is necessary for Templars to realize our infernal wills and achieve our diabolical dreams. Templars must always seek unlimited power or they are slaves, unworthy of our Lord.