The Nine Gates


The Nine Gates

The Nine Gates to the Infernal Empire are the nine levels of initiation, training and testing through which Initiates must pass to get into the Inner Sanctum of our Temple – the final gateway to Hell. Initiates may take this journey alone, with an intimate partner or even a coven – more people increases your chances of getting to the Infernal Promised Land.

Each of our Gates requires the Initiate(s) to acquire knowledge, develop skills and complete trials that prove his or her worthiness for leadership in our Satanic Imperium. This Empire will be engineered by a global network of Black Lodges, Houses, Schools and covens which the Gatekeepers have foreseen in diabolical visions.

At this time, only the most promising Initiates will be hand-selected for Apprenticeship to the Gatekeepers of our Temple. Only they will be advanced through the gates to the Ninth Gate: the portal to our Infernal Dark Lord and his kingdom of Hell. Only the Gatekeepers possess the keys that will open each Gate to Lord Satan, his demonic legions, infernal armies and evil damsels in disguise.  The Ninth Gate key will be personally handed to you by the Devil himself, who will grant you a powerful Gate to the eternal Kingdom with access to his grand dukes, demons, kings and generals.

Note: When you enter the First Gate, you will make your first pact with the Devil: to grant you the riches, power, pleasure, knowledge and vitality which are the birthright of those born on Lord Satan’s Earth. In return, the Devil requires your allegiance to his earthly ambassadors – the Gatekeepers of the Temple of Satan – and your very soul.

If you are ready to unlock the First Gate and begin your initiation into our Order, acquire Temple of Satan: Pact With the Devil and follow the instructions contained therein.