The Nine Keys

The Nine Keys are nine ways the Satanic Templar uses his mind as a tool to open the Nine Gates to infernal liberation. They are central to Templar initiation, providing a focus for our black magick, conquests, trials, yogas and Temple rites. The Nine Keys are: power-craving, willpower, spirit, knowledge, fear, seduction, imagination, formlessness and evil. They are summarized in the Nine Keys Nonagram, which has a Harzâd character at each point to represent each Key as shown below.

A common practice is for the Templar to meditate on each of the Nine Keys, adopting an associated mudra, or hand position, while allowing the image of the associated Harzâd character to burn itself into his mind. In this way, the Initiate creates “triggers” for each key, which he can “pull” when they are needed by putting his hands in the appropriate mudra or visualizing the appropriate Harzâd symbol. Templars should reinforce this system by inscribing the Nine Keys Nonagram on a Temple altar, pillar or floor, and by devising rituals that activate and empower each Key.