The Progenitors

Progenitors are the faction of Satanic Templars who are focused on breeding our new Satanic race, maintaining our bloodlines and begetting the Son of Satan, also known as the Antichrist. Progenitor covens will be skilled in seduction, conception, child-rearing, genetics and occult breeding methodology. They shall seduce the men and women who become the vessels of our new race and our dark Messiah.

The ranks of the Progenitors will expand as Acolytes are recruited into our covens and Adepts are trained in our black arts until they achieve the most exalted status of Progenitor Lords. At that point, they will have full breeding privileges, which means they will have full access to the Temple concubines. They will also be privy to secret information about potential Antichrists already born, and knowledge of the most advanced black magickal breeding rites. Thus, they will have joined the ranks of the most elite of all men, who have the opportunity to inseminate the Messiah’s mother and become Lord Satan’s physical instrument for his most desolate conception of all times: a son, who shall be the Devil in human form!